AUG 23, 2017
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Sermon8/21/17 2:33 PM
R willey | USA  Find all comments by R willey
• Posted 43 hours ago
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The First Lord's Supper
Kenneth Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
Audio not working for me. Unable to access have tried several phones. You might check down load there

Sermon7/29/17 5:01 AM
R.B. | Indianapolis  Find all comments by R.B.
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Liberty -- Not License
Stanley McKenzie
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great message. Points are very clear and precise. Thank you.

Sermon7/28/17 10:48 PM
Allan | Tennessee  Contact via emailFind all comments by Allan
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“ Great Sermon! ”
My wife of 26 years has a mom and a dad born in Scotland. My mother in law, Mrs. Carol Dickson, is from Airdre. My father in law is from Dundee. Anyway, I attended along with My wife the masters college under John MacArthur - enjoyed your teaching and know you are being used to spread a gospel message few these days even hear at all.

Sermon7/26/17 6:44 PM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough on  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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Pack Wisdom!
Andrew Quigley
“ Great Sermon! ”
So it is as if this was exactly what I have needed to hear So many things have happened that I was struggling with my faith walk The final touch was for my husband of fifty years to have yet another diagnosis and I was broken again ...did not believeThs has been forty or more years and hard things have been part of it but I knew GOD was present Then this happened in the last few months ...nd now ti was to be forced to stand beside the man I love and watch more suffering I was given a chance to go to your sermons and I went through the Joseph series and still my heart was hard and bitter then this series came along and finally I am weeping and trying to express my bewilderment Finally I am broken and broken and broken some more Thank you for these words They finally got to my heart and I know HE cares and I am deeply weeping but free and It's ok now I intend to listen to all your series and learn more and more and cling to My LORD ...I am so grateful Please excuse any spelling errors I am writing in a park and weeping and finally free of my hard hard heart

The way to preserve peace in the church is to preserve its purity. ... Matthew Henry
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